A Tale of Job (A fairy tale of God, Satan, and Us)

Once upon a time, the Heavenly host assembled to present themselves before the Throne of God, and all were gathered together there, or at least all those were gathered there who cared to come. For there are always those who, given the choice, prefer to remain in Hell. And Satan, who at this time still […]

How Alicet Brought Her Sins to Heaven and Sormen Found Everything He Could Love in Hell (A fairy tale of Heaven and Hell)

Alicet was a milkmaid and a slave, and so she rose in the cold, foggy darkness each morning to attend to her charges in the fields. Each morning after she finished the milking, she skimmed the cream, set a portion of the milk aside to sour and curdle for cheese, pressed the whey out of […]

Amanuensis (a Gothic fairy tale)

“ ‘From this night forth, shall I call this maid my sister?’ ” “That’s all the old fellow requires of me?” Landly asked Mr. Ashwhit. “I just march up to the gate, knock, and when he steps out I say those words?” Mr. Ashwhit confirmed that it was so. He continued reading from Landly’s father’s will: “ ‘Mr. […]

The Man Who Was Everyone (a fairy tale of Hyperborea)

Lazarus Thirrup was a farmer of cabbages, and his cabbages were renowned throughout the districts north of Ib, where the farmlands are rich enough to grow cabbages the size of pumpkins. Each Samhain following the first frost, it was the custom of Lazarus Thirrup to take a barrow of cabbages to Ib, where they would […]

The Man Who Was Afraid of His Shadow (a fantasy short story)

(fantasy short story) Harry Fenton had a habit of arriving early at The Black Crow, at least an hour before any respectable patron could reasonably be expected to have finished his day’s work and show up for a pint and a chat. As far as Harry’s day’s work went, well, his employment was a subject […]