“The Three Labors of Nila” is Now Available at The Weird and Whatnot Magazine in Print as Well as Online

This is just an update to the previous post announcing the publication of the fantasy short story (fairy tale, really), “The Three Labors of Nila.” It’s now available in print as well as online, if you prefer the charm of reading on paper. Find “The Three Labors of Nila” at Amazon in the March 2019 anthology from the The Weird and Whatnot magazine.

This short story is a special favorite of mine. The witches of Ib-Sata have decided it’s time to magically steal all the women away from the Land of Ib. All except one. They leave Nila behind. Now, why would they do that?

And as always, just in case you missed some of my earlier short stories, look for the short fantasy adventure “There Will Never Be Any More Solken Wine” in the October 2018 edition of Alban Lake Publishing’s Outposts of Beyond.

Job: A Fairy Tale of God, Satan, and Us” is available at Mysterion. You can read the whole thing right here, right now, just for clicking the link.

The dark fairy tale “The Three Sisters” is up at Metaphorosis. Be sure your hammer and tongs are close at hand when you go. You’re likely to need them. It’s available both in print and online. But the print edition is definitely worth your while.


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